Smart Tube APK:

If you are irritated using the same app for entertainment. So an app is introduced in the market. And the app is smart tube apk. You have many facilities in this app. Smart tube apk is an updated version of entertainment. if you want an app that is free of cost but provides too many features to its users. There are many apps in the market that provide features to its customers to its users. But that apps are the same and mostly have the same features. Smarttube apk is full of features and facilities.It provides too many settings options. There are many features but the main feature of the app is that it has changed the look totally.If you want a different app for entertainment .


Additional Information:

App NameSmart tube apk
File Size25.5 MB
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Last updatefew Seconds Ago


so you can download the Smartube apk in your Android device. You can also connect your device to big screen and enjoy entertainment on big screens. Smarttube apk has a platform that is totally changed from other apps. It has a changed look from other apps. And if you are irate just because of ads and sponsor ads. So I suggest you an app that will block your sponsor ads.



features of smart tube Apk:


Ads and sponsor block:

You can block ads and sponsor in the smart tube apk. Sponsor ads are paid means you have to pay an amount to run sponsor ads. Many people use sponsor ads for their business purpose, product promotion, property promotion, educational institution and chanal promotion, and more things. These ads are irritating for watchers on youtube, but youtube gets a big amount from them. So sponsor ads are important for youtube because it get payment from the theme. Now many businesses even big or small use advertisements and sponsor ads for their product promotion. In this case, if ads are irate customers but youtube did not block them. If you did not like Sponer ads so you can use the smart tube apk for your entertainment. This app is free from sponsor ads and also you can block sponsor ads easily.

A full screen:

Smartube apk provides you with a big screen.You can enjoy a full screen in smart tube apk. In this app, many video are directly available in the screen. User can select the video which they like the most. As there are many videos available in smartube you have a big opportunity to watch your favorite serial on full and big screen.No app provides you the facility of the full screen but smartube provides full-screen features to its users. So download it quickly and enjoy your full-screen entertainment app. Even you can play music in full screen in this app. This is app is amazing and fantastic.

A wide setting for Subtitle:

You can change your subtitle style in Smartube apk As smart tube apk provides you with too many settings and privacy options for subtitles. Subtitles play an important role in content. Many people just use subtitles to watch something. Many students use subtitles for their english improvement.As subtitle is available in every entertainment app, but its setting is not wide in other apps as in the smartube apk.In the smart tube apk you can change your subtitle style,color and language.

Change country :

I think you are shocked after reading this heading and think that how you can change the country using an entertainment app. So basically we are not talking about physically changing the country we are talking about changing the country or location of your app.So when you change the location setting many content will be changed. With the help of this feature, you will get information about any other country while living in your country. When you change the setting of location you will get many changes in content. So with the help of smartube apk, you can enjoy these features because this feature is only available in smartube apk. There are many apps but no one can beat smart tube apk in its feature and facility level.

No need for google play services:

There are many apps for whom you have to use Google services. There are many apps that did not run without play services. So I am going to tell you about an app, to that you can use without google play services. And the app is smart tube apk. Yes guys you don’t need any Google service.

Change the language:

You can change your language in the smart tube apk. There are many languages available you can choose your favorite language. Many people like foreign content so now you can use the language feature of smartube apk. With the help of this apk, you can watch your favorite language content.

Features of youtube premium:


In smartube apk app you can enjoy the features of youtube. In youtube premium many additional features are available. Many businessmen and people who have more money are using youtube premium. So as you guys know the youtube premium is a paid version means you have to pay a fee to get it. There is a specific fee that you have to pay then you will get the youtube

premium package. So the people who have more money can buy premium versions but what about the people who can never afford that fee? So smartube apk is available for those who want a premium youtube. The smartube apk has the same features as youtube so now you guys can enjoy the premium version for free. Just download it and enjoy your favorite content.

Free app:

Smarttube spk is a free entertainment app.It provides too many features in the smartube apk. You can get blocked by the sponsor ads, play the video in the background, change the country and language and many more facilities are available in the smartube apk you can use these features in just free. You don’t need to pay a fee to get the feature full app. You can smartube apk without any fee.

Play the video in the background:

In the smarttube apk Download, you can play music in the background. If you love to listen to music while chatting then this feature is for you. you can use the background feature in the smartube apk. This feature is the favorite feature of users because people love to play background videos. This feature is very helpful. You can watch your favorite content and also do any other work.

Directly unsubscribe:

You can directly unsubscribe from the channel in the smartube apk. when you are watching the video and if you did not like it you can directly unsubscribe from that channel. In other entertainment apps, you did not directly unsubscribe the channel. Because this facility is limited.

Reverse dislike button:

You can reverse the dislike button in the smartube Mod apk. Sometimes dislike button is clicked by mistake. So in the smartube apk, you can correct your mistake and reverse the dislike button as it happens by mistake. This facility is not available in any other app.

How to download smart tube apk?

  • You can download the smart tube apk by following the instructions:
  • First of all, go to your phone document.
  • Give permission to unknown files.
  • After giving permission don’t worry your phone is is just a requirement from your device.
  • Now it’s time to go to chrome
  • Search for the keyword
  • Smart tube apk
  • After this step, there will be thousands of websites Select a website
  • Find the download button
  • Click on the download button.
  • After waiting
  • The install option will come
  • Click on install
  • Click on the open
  • Finally, your favorite entertainment app is download Enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions:

Is smartube apk is free?

Yes smartube apk is free.

Is smartube apk available in the play store?

No smart tube apk is not available in play store.

From where I can download the smartube apk?

You can download the smartube apk from Google

Is smartube apk provide the features of youtube premium?

Yes smartube apk provide you with the features of youtube premium and you can enjoy it freely.

Can I directly unsubscribe from the channels in the smartube apk?

Yes, you can directly unsubscribe channel in the smartube apk.

Final words:

Smartube apk 2023 is a perfect entertainment app. It provides too many features to its users. Users can enjoy many features here. Users can change the language for their content, country, subtitle setting, and many more the smartube apk, you can also play the video in thebackground. Smartube apk is totally free, you don’t need to pay any fee for using it. And this app provides you with the features of youtube premium. You can enjoy the features of youtube premium for free. So I suggest you download the app and enjoy the feature full app.

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